Hello everyone, our company, Centennial Commercial Properties, S.W., L.L.C., is a family owned and operated business with our offices located in Dalton Gardens, Idaho.  We own, develop and operate commercial properties throughout the southwestern region of the U.S. with several properties located in Colorado and Arizona.

Though we formed our current limited liability company (LLC) structure just last year, the company’s original formation goes back over fifteen years ago to 1996 when Armando and Gloria Delgado purchased approximately 50% of Centennial Shopping Center and began redeveloping it to the successful and thriving center that it is today.

Our strategy in developing and operating our properties has always been and will continue to be a direct hands-on approach.  This approach ensures, to the best of our ability, that our properties offer the best services and amenities to our tenants and their customers at a price unmatched by other commercial locations.  In this way, our tenants have a distinct competitive advantage by enjoying lower operating costs than their direct competition located at higher cost commercial locations.  We recognize that our success is highly reliant on our tenant’s being successful first.  In that spirit, we continuously strive to keep on top of changing trends in our industry as well as keeping a keen ear open to the needs of tenants.


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